Automatically rotate an image (destructively) based on Exif Orientation tags. Useful for preprocessing images before sending to a second program that may not understand Exif orientation tags.
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Mike's Auto Image Rotator

This program is quite simple: It will look through your jpeg image's exif data and apply rotation automatically.

This is useful for preprocessing images before sending them through a second program that may not support orientation via exif data.

by Mike Peralta


  • Python3
  • pipenv


Enter the repo's directory and install dependencies using pipenv, like so:

$ cd /path/to/repo
$ pipenv install



Invoke directly like so:

$ cd /path/to/repo
$ pipenv run python ./ --help

Invoke in a persistent environment shell like so:

$ cd /path/to/repo
$ pipenv shell
$ python --help


Use the --help argument shown above to see all available options.