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  Mike 1e801fb3e8 Ignore minor python version (pipenv)? 1 month ago
  Mike 7ff6803390 Merge branch 'master' into dev 1 month ago
  Mike 987aed63eb Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.mikeperalta.com:3222/misc-utilities/mikes-backup-rotator 1 month ago
  Mike 26afc6a346 Merge branch 'dev' of ssh://git.mikeperalta.com:3222/misc-utilities/mikes-backup-rotator into dev 1 month ago
  info@sevencode.com 609cdbd5c5 Pipenv -> Go back down to python 3.6 because we're having major pyenv issues with higher versions 7 months ago
  info@sevencode.com 985a5b6b69 Bump python to 3.8 in pipenv 7 months ago
  mike da4c0671e1 Write to syslog as well 1 year ago
  mike 0e4a09ae13 Adding pipenv ! 1 year ago
  mike 81803f36f1 noop to test hook 1 year ago
  mike 2488127b9c noop to test hook 1 year ago
  Mike 7aaea3746f Merge branch 'master' of ssh://gogs.mikeperalta.com:2222/mikeperalta/backup-rotator 1 year ago
  mike 95840f10d4 Make main.py executable 1 year ago
  mike 644a023d5d ignore pycache 1 year ago
  mike 66951ce1ae rename to avoid bad identifiers 1 year ago
  Mike 8232776e41 Bad env path? 1 year ago
  Mike ebfcdeb70b Noop to test hook 1 year ago
  Mike 13deb5677b Changing yaml.load() to yaml.safe_load() 1 year ago
  Mike b750f65311 Tweak log output 1 year ago
  Mike 3a18c1fad8 Set script to executable 1 year ago
  Mike 78f85160f0 whoops 1 year ago
  Mike 179f6146b2 Added an example for CLI args to the README 1 year ago
  Mike 44902c2009 Added copyright header and LICENSE file 1 year ago
  Mike b728cb9f01 test trying to fix weird README formatting 1 year ago
  Mike 2b91404ee1 Filled out README a bit 1 year ago
  Mike e5ea0dee9a Upgrade configstuffs 1 year ago
  Mike 918784bd00 Add README stub 1 year ago
  Mike 4a975b38f1 Implemented the actual deleting part 1 year ago
  Mike 6b40527e09 Change mtime to ctime, so renamed folders and stuff won't ruin things 1 year ago
  Mike 77bed65e89 Just about ready to actually purge file items 1 year ago
  Mike e56c4b8881 Consuming config and beginning to iterate over specified paths 1 year ago
  Mike c81f1e243d First commit 1 year ago
  Mike 2d8e462259 Ignore PyCharm 1 year ago