Utility to quickly map servos on an adafruit I2C driver board, to proper names. Can produce a yaml output file, useful as input for other robotics applications.
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Mike's Servo Mapper

A simple command line utility to map servos to

Written and tested using the Adafruit I2C servo driver board: PCA9685


Python Requirements

Python's requirements are handled by pipenv, which you can install like so:

sudo apt install pipenv


sudo dnf install pipenv

Once installed, you can have pipenv install all python requirements like so:

  1. cd to this repo's directory
  2. Execute the command: pipenv install


cd to this repo's directory and execute using:

pipenv run python3 main.py

Command Line Arguments

--name (Specify one or more mapping names)

You can specify desired mapping names by adding the --name argument, as many times as you wish:

$ pipenv run python3 main.py --name Leg --name Arm

--config (Specify an input config file)

You can specify a yaml configuration file to load with this argument, like so:

$ pipenv run python3 main.py --config /path/to/config.yaml

So far the config file is only good for storing desired names to be mapped. Here's an example:

    - Manny
    - Moe
    - Jack